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Clinical supervision is a vital part of providing therapy to your clients. It gives you a protected space to reflect on your clinical practice - both looking at the parts where you feel stuck or unsure, as well as celebrating and building on your successes.

I offer CBT clinical supervision via video call for BABCP accredited therapists. I can offer weekly or monthly supervision, as well as ad-hoc supervision sessions. 

I offer a 15-30 minute no-obligation free conversation by video or telephone for therapists who are interested in booking clinical supervision sessions with me. Please do contact me if you would like to do this - it gives us a chance to get to know each other a bit, for you to talk about your hopes and expectations for supervision, and for me to talk about how I do clinical supervision, to see if we're a good fit for each other.

My supervision style


I am a relaxed and informal type of person, and like to make supervision enjoyable. I love learning new things, and sharing these with my supervisees. I'm always really pleased when I learn something from a supervisee - so please do feel free to share your interests and knowledge with me! I will admit to making terrible jokes at times, and stretching a metaphor way beyond it's limits.

I am particularly interested in helping CBT therapists to reflect on and build their formulation skills, not only early on in sessions, but throughout the work with your clients, to make sure that your sessions are as impactful and personalised to the client as possible. 

My aim is not to provide all of the answers, but to work alongside you to help you figure out what might be keeping you and your client stuck. It is ok for all of us to say "I just don't know" at times!

Therapist wellbeing is very important to me, helping you to enjoy your therapeutic work is an important goal for me, so I am always happy to explore barriers to this, times when you feel stuck, and not to lose focus on the things that are going well.

My supervision experience


Prior to setting up in private practice, I worked in an NHS Talking Therapies (previously known as IAPT) service. I qualified as a CBT therapist in 2011, and after a few years, I moved into a CBT Clinical Supervisor role. I continued to work with a caseload of clients, but the majority of my time was spent supervising other CBT therapists, and providing meta-supervision to CBT therapists wanting to develop their own clinical supervision skills.


Clinical quality and therapist wellbeing were my main focus in NHS TT (IAPT), and still continue to be in my private practice.

I have completed NHS TT (IAPT) supervision training, as well as additional supervision specific CPD sessions. I continue to attend supervision CPD, as it is a part of the role that I love, and want to continue to develop in.

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